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Best car by class?


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I just bumped a thread for this but can't find it in 8 pages. So - now that we've had numerous updates/patches, and now that we've all gotten more comfy with the game, what is your preferred car by class and why?

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Super: Entity XF - Still the king of supercar races. Has the best traction/handling.

Sports: Elegy RH8 - For reasons like the Entity XF. Has the best handling.

Motorcycles: Akuma - I'm not good at wheelieing. I heard that the Bati 801 only beats the Akuma if the rider wheelies.

Muscle: Dominator - The Gauntlet is said to be more grippier, but it's slower as well. I think the Dominator will serve experience muscle car drivers well.

Sports Classics: Z-Type - R* seems to have made that car so fast, and in my experience, it's easier to control than the Monroe.

Coupes: Exemplar - Best stats in the coupes class. No other car can compete with it.

Sedans: Schafter - Can keep up with Super Diamonds, but turns corners better.

SUVs: Baller II - The Radius is better on some tracks, but for most cases, the Baller's speed and acceleration blows everything else away.

Compacts: Blista - The Blista and Issi are close to each other, but the Blista has better handling.

Off-road: Sanchez - Fast and nimble. Experienced Sanchez riders can be pretty much unbeatable.

Cycles: Any of the race bikes - Best statistics. Bicycle races are slow-paced, so turning shouldn't really be an issue.

Utility: Caddy - Best speed and acceleration. Like bicycles, utility vehicles are pretty slow as well.

Vans: Bison - Not a true van, but supposedly has the best stats in the vans class. Don't know much about this class.


Sports are my favorite car class, so I have some other sports car recommendations.


Surano - I like this car's driving style because it feels so firm and sturdy. Won a good amount of races with it.

9F Cabrio - Lightweight and easy to drift, but not as hard to control as the Carbonizzare or Comet.

Rapid GT - Yes, people aren't kidding when they say this car steers like a bus, but it has great straight line speed, and its heavy weight means that it won't get tossed around by rammers.

Banshee - Not as fast as other sports cars, but has bat out of hell acceleration and a fun muscle car feel.

Jester - Worse grip than the Elegy, but can compete with the top cars in its class.

Alpha - Nice sturdy, balanced car, and few people use it in races, so you can be different.

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Super: Entity

Sports: Carbonizzare

Muscle: Dominator

Motorcycle: Double T

Coupe: Felon

Sedans: Tailgater

Compact: Issi

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The first post pretty much nails it, with the exception of noting that the Adder will beat the Entity in a fair race with a lot of straights and the Sports class being very close, as the Shafter can keep up with the Elegy pretty easily in the hands of experienced drivers.

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Don't worry about vans, suv's or compacts, no one races those classes. I have had one van race and maybe an occasional suv race here and there, doesn't warrant wasting a garage space unless you're really hell bent on having a car for each class.


I have almost 1000 races played and so far to me it would be,


Super- Adder, Entity, Turismo. Stating the obvious but it's these three then there's "the rest". I use all three, adder for highway tracks and usually mix it up every other race between my entity/turismo.

Sport- Jester is my personal favorite, 9F and Carbo if you're looking for a fun challenging car to use. I always raced the feltzer before I bought my jester, very stable and solid car for racing.

Coupe- Exemplar, bar none, this car is a beast compared to all the other coupes.

Sedan- Tailgater is my preferred vehicle, but most other people seem to use the super diamond which seems to be the best in this class along with the shafter.

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Super: Turismo R

Sports: Jester

Sedans: Hmm... Schafter?

SUVs: Dubsta or Granger

Coupes: Zion (It's classified as Sports in free roam but it is a coupe in races)

Compacts: Blista

Muscle: Gauntlet

Sports Classics: Z-Type or Monroe

Offroad: Bifta

Vans: Youga or Speedo if you use the save editor

Motorcycles: Bati 801 or 801RR

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Super - Entity

Sports - Elegy

Coupe - Exemplar

Sedan - Fugitive

MC - Bati

SUV - Radius

OR - Sanchez

Muscle - Ruiner
Compact - Blista

SC - Z-type

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Super: Entity XF. The Adder is faster, but it's a little squirrelly on the back end. The Entity handles the curves better.

Sports: Ellegy RH8. Speed and Handling. The Jester is comparable, but the Ellegy is free.

Muscle: Gauntlet. It's not the fastest car, but it's the one I enjoy driving the most.

Sports Classic: I have a Tornado, but I pick a Z-Type when racing

Motorcyle: Depends on the type of race. I have both a Bati 801 and an Akuma in my garage. The Bati is the faster bike, but the Akuma handles better on tracks with a lot of curves.



I don't drive any of the other classes much so I can't comment on them.

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Super: entity

Sport: jester

Motorcycle: bagger

Off-road: mesa

Vans: youga with BANG BUS plates.

All other categories: irrelevant.


These are my preference-based best cars, not necesserily the fastest or best performing, but they are the most fun IMO.

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I will pwn you newbs

Super: turismo

Sports: feltzer

Off road: bifta

Muscle: dominator

SUV: baller 2

Bike: bati

Sedans: tailgater

Compacts: issi

Sports classic: stinger gt

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Before I post, OP did say preferred vehicles, not what will win you races. That being said, here are the vehicles I prefer in each class, and post what car I think is best in class performance-wise next to it.


Super - Grotti Cheetah. | Overflod Entity XF.

Sports - Grotti Carbonizzare (Honorable mention to Karin Futo). | Dinka Jester.

Sedans - Benefactor Schafter. | Benefactor Schafter.

SUV - Obey Roccoto. | Gallivanter Baller 2.

Sports Classics - Original Grotti Stinger. | Pegassi Monroe.

Compact - Weeny Issi. | Dinka Blista.

Offroad - BF Injection. | Maibatsu Sanchez.

Utility - Caddy. | Caddy.

Muscle - Albany Buccaneer. | Bravado Gauntlet.

Motorcycles - Dinka Double-T. | Pegassi Bati 801 / 801RR.

Vans - BF Surfer. | Bravado Bison.

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You guys think the Issi is competitive with the Blista? Could it beat a Blista with a driver of comparable skill?

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You guys think the Issi is competitive with the Blista? Could it beat a Blista with a driver of comparable skill?



The Issi gets really tailhappy if someone even looks at it funny, while the Blista understeers like a boat. Whoever gets the wayward handling under control will win.


My preferences:


Super: Turismo R

Sport: Jester/Carbo

Coupe: Felon

Sport Classic: Monroe

Muscle: Dominator

Sedan: Stanier

Off-Road: Bifta

Compact: Blista

SUV: Baller II

Motorcycle: Double-T

Van: Bison (or Clown Van!)

Utility: Faggio

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