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I was looking through the Player.Character.CurrenVehicle list, and is saw CurrenVehicle.Extras i searched on google how to use it, but in game i dont see anything change.. What does it do?

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Using the native trainer, there is a menu item under the Car Options (I think) that says something like 'Add car components', take note of the components IDs and you can enable those using that function.


I've figured that out once, but never used it for anything.

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every model uses different extras, a vehicle in gta can have up to 9 extras and extra ID1-9 can be used with the native to enable or disable. So depends on the vehicle and which ID if u see something or not.



vehicle.Extras(1 to 9).Enabled = true or false;
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would be cool if we could have more extras, we could create "animations" on vehicles without create any animation hehe

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