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Texture fragmented


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(I'm a french guy sorry for my english speaking)

Hello I said, I play modded, with a low enb-series and a mixture of HD textures made ​​by a compiler unknown

Short one away. The problem is not the mixing as I tried a classic pack and even textures are fragmented.

What do I mean by that is, most of the textures appear and others do not, leaving the old textures, it could be normal, NO! it's been 4 days that I work and it is not NORMAL, in fact almost everything has been re-textured, but some evil spells they fragmented t! Dangerous because incorrect word, example! when the road is straight texture dream and suddenly and symmetrically it changes texture ugly base. it also works with house plan south HD HD on the north side LOW!

My question is, would it even happened to you this episode and if so do you have a solution, I want HD!



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Hey, try this in commandline it helped me:

-memrestrict *your vram*x1024x1024; for example 2048x1024x1024=2147483648, so you must use -memrestrict 2147483648

-percentvidmem 100
-reservedApp 0

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