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PS3 - Cant find anyone playing capture?


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Is anyone playing capture? I cant seem to find people playing it, and when i invite no one joins lol


Anyone keen for it sometime just add me. psn:cprize

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I have same problem with LTS, My opinion with capture games it's better and alot more fun with people you know , or crew battles etc :-)


when i try using phone to load quick missions it brings me into LTS ever since thats happening it's always empty lobbies, on the off chance it will work and put me into a mission. :)

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Thanks boys, yeah I always get throw into an empty lobby, or if im really lucky we might finish a race and everyone will stick together and vote for it, but that doesnt happen anymore lol


Hope to see you guys on, I play most game modes but I like having a decent amount of people in a lobby it makes it alot nore interesting

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