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Need Help In Selecting A Good Gaming Laptop


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I was thinking of buying a fast processing gaming lappy for me . I think Alienware would be good but i am already an Alienware user so I want another company rather than Alienware itself.

Help me in choosing Pls.

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In B4 all the idiots come and tell you to buy or build a gaming PC.


I would suggest the Samsung Series & Gamer, Asus ROG G53Jw (look at all their line-ups). I'm not a computer expert, but from what I've read, these are among the best. I have a similar question.


If I want to play Battlefield 4 and Skyrim on a gaming laptop and I don't care for high or ultra high settings, just the mere fact that I can play the game a laptop, what would you guys recommend. Budgets is not really an issue as long as it under $2,000. Like I said, I don't care for modding, ultra-high or high settings. I just want to be able to play the game on a laptop...

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Wow, seriously ? Just get a PC. You'll get way better performance on PC, than your nice design, sh*t spec laptop. By the way, whats the point of laptop ? If you want to play BF4, you'd probably still need to keep the laptop plugged for it to charge.

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There are a few laptops that support SLI, that being two discrete GPU cards, but I don't know too many current models, Stateside I think they'd be harder to find.


Used market is where I always shop. I read one new technology from ATI involved Crossfire without connecting two cards, but I believe this is for desktops only at this point. Sounds interesting though.


Reading the above suggesting, I bought an Asus B53J, it's 15.6 inch display on all those '5' series laptops, but the B and G differentiate Business and Gaming class. Also the last few letters might tell you generational CPUs in use, aka revision mobos


Republic of Gamer should be as capable as an Alienware, they still continue the series with Haswell now.

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