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[Xbox] Hornbriotr MC are recruiting!


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The Norsemen have arrived to Los Samtos / Blaine and are now looking for loyal Brothers and Sisters...

Hornbriotr MC is the crew that originates from the man "Heriulfuer Hornbriotr" (Herjulf Hornbreaker).




History - A Viking saga

Heriulfuer were one of the norse king "Halvdan Svarte" nearest men, he wore the kings banner.
He fell in the Kings discrace when he, during a big guild killed one of the Kings men with an Silverhorn/antel, he hit him so hard with it so that the horn broke, therefor he got the name "Hornbriotr".
Heriulfuer were banished and had to flee and live in Exile, he fled to king Anund in the land of "Svearna" (Sweden) where he got Sanctuary.
At first "King Anund" graced his visit and welcomed Heriulfuer but when it came to the kings attention that Heriulfuer laid down with the kings younger sister "Helga" he were Banished once more.

Heriulfuer had to flee again, Helga togheter with some faithful men followed him and the fleed up north to the Borderlands between Norway and Sweden. They found a fate valley where they choosed to settle down, they named the Valley to "Herriardal" (Nowdays the sweden county of Härjedalen) and the named the place "Sliarosvellir"

He sent his men both to Sweden and Norway to collect, raid and buy things they needed.


Now Heriulfuers heirs has come to pay a visit, they wear their ancestors name "Hornbriotr" with pride and are willing to sacrifice and die for the name, patch and club.

We will start out as a Nomad club but we, just like old Heriulfuer will look for our "Herriardal" and Sliarosvellir, but we need you !


In the old Norse society they also had female warriors, so called "Skjaldmaer" - Shieldmaids, So Shieldmaids....... welcome to apply for a place in the crew.


Our main thing with the club is to Ride, Raid, Fight, Respect each other and the patch....... and of course crush our enemies and treat our allies as alikes.
We do not demand your attention 24/7 and we do not punish people if they can not take part in a meeting or job. The only thing we demand from you is to be Loyal, respect the patch, our ancestor and your brothers and sisters....... we are here to have a real good time "online"... ok


IMPORTANT NOTICE: We are NOT a white supremacy crew, so take your neonazi values and stuff them somewhere, we do not need you in our crew.....'Nuff said" !


Prospect / Hangaraound

We do not use a "Prospect" chapter or the Hangaround ways, Once your in you are in with Fullpatch... No questions asked.

The top members decides / votes if you are to be a member or not.




"Top Three"


Jarl / President - Jaralos http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/jaralos

The Jarl is the rightful leader of the Hird (crew). He is the clubs spokesman, frontline and he carries the Hirds Rep.
He dictates the laws togheter with Vice Jarl and Forsete. He decends straight from Heriulfuers Bloodline

Vice Jarl = VP
The Vice Jarl stands by his Jarl and is the "head chief" when the Jarl is away.
He also makes sure that every decision that is made is carried out to all members

Forsete/Laggivfere = Sgt at arms
The Forsete/Sgt at arms is the one who carries out the laws, if you are disrespectful against the club.... Be certain that you will meet him, he togheter with Jarl and V Jarl decides your faith. He maintains order at clubmeetings etc. Make sure not to Offend him, he is the LAW in the crew, he do not show any mercy and executes his orders without pardon. Se him as the clubs Executioner/lawyer and judge !



Berserk - Male riders/warriors
Ulvhedin - Male riders/warriors

Skjaldmaer - Shieldmaids, Female riders/warriors.
Thoose are to be treated as equals, if you do not treat them with respect - Be sure to meet the Forsete.





Some rules----- of course

We use real bikes, no sportbikes, No mopeds etc... Just plain Metal and steel bikes. Moto X and ATV are ok when we need to use them, for example when we go on Camperhunt in Mnt. Chilliad or something.... We are a Bikerclub ! Big "Yankee" vans are ok to use if it is necasarry


When we ride we ride in formations, Top members in the front and the others will follow in Pairs (sometimes Threesomes) The Front/Topmembers choose the speed.


If you are in multiple crews, Then the top members must decide if the other crew can be an Allie, if they decide that "the other" crew do not meet the Conditions wich is set up by the top, Then you have to Choose wheter you are with or without Hornbriotr, Fail to meet the topmembers orders, then you are out.


The top three members can never be questioned, if you have any trouble with the "top" you must report it to them and wait for the outcome of it.


Do not "make your own decisions" when meeting another crew. You can only act with violence if the other club is a rival or if they attack or provoke you.
If you get attacked or provoked by another gang, then your main responsibility is to report this to the top members (Jarl, V Jarl or Forsete)


We vote on big club errands


Our main colours are Red, Black and White. We prefer if you use a Leatherjacket, Jeansjacket or a leatherwest with your Patch on. You use it ALWAYS ! The only time you are ok to Not be patched is when a straight order from the top is out!

Black t-shirts, Workershirts or hood is ok to use WITH THE PATCH, but we do not PREFER it!


Patch on weichles are a "must do" if you have the rankings and money for it in GTA Online.


You need to keep yourself updated about whats going on in the club, there are forums and webpages for that.


Minimum 16 years of age.....


Respect the members in the crew, feuds between members must be reported to the "top three", they will decide what to do!


If you have a beef with someone outside the crew you must report it, the Top three will decide if it is club-business or not.


You need to speak and understand English, it is also a good thing to know a scandinavian language (Swe, Nor, Den) but it is not a must.


So if you wanna join a new crew that is ready to put the boot in, raise hell and have fun........... welcome with your apply

Mail us on [email protected]


Use this template:





Other crews:


What can you do for the club:

Other comments:





"the monks of Compiègne prayed, De gente fere normannica nos libera quæ nostra vasta, Deus, regna ("From the savage Norse tribe who plunder our kingdom, God, release us")"



regards / Jaralos, Jarl - Hornbriotr MC










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Goodluck with your MC. Your back story is pretty awesome and the Norse theme is pretty original imo.

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