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[PS3] Crew for people who are done with assholes on public.


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Hello everyone.


I'm as many others of you guys very tired of all the PvP. Everyone is killing eachother all the time etc, etc.

Therefore I have created a crew for my friends and other friendly players to join to do more than protecting themselves from annoying players.


There are no proper leader in this crew, it will be like a public but only friendly people.


Players do not require microphone and we have only one rule:

Be friendly - not killing players without reasons. (Bounty is an exception ofc.)


The crew is called "Pentagram" and is newly started.

I hope you'd like to join us and meet other people.

Just send an request and I will accept ASAP.

(It is possible to have several crews aswell, no need to leave your primary one.)




That's all for me. Hope you like the idea of this, untill Rockstar does someting themselves.


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Yeah man I'm with you on that I joined the crew.Want to meet up for a RP Grind or something.Add me on PSN: PROZ_GAMERZ_BOB

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