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[XBOX] VIII Creators Event (Sat, 11am PDT, Apr 12)


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Herewith is an open invitation for the VIII Creators Event, organized by Malicious Intentt

Last 7 events we had lots of fun gathered full lobby and played some awesome creations (See footage from the previous events on the YouTube Channel's GTAVGAT and GTA Creations)

Event title: VIII Creators Event brought to you by the MAIN Crew

Date & time: 11 AM PST, Saturday, April 12 2014 (if you have any doubts on when the event starts, just google "Time in California", the event starts at 11 AM in this time zone (PDT a.k.a. Los Santos Time zone).

Duration: 3 Hours

Concept: As usual the event topic is 1 job (Race or DM) per creator, specifically designed for 16 people. During the event we run the playlist of all jobs. We need well content that is tested to work well for 16 people. So, bring out your BEST content designed for full lobby.


  • The main requirement is that if you want your job to be included - you must participate in the event
  • Number of jobs per creator - maximum 1
  • All submitted jobs must be set for maximum players 16
  • You can also attend as a tester, without submitting any jobs (still I guarantee you will have lots of fun)
  • The event is hosted in FREE-AIM lobby (to join easier, make sure you change your aiming setting to Free-aim in Story mode, prior to joining the event).
  • Approx. 15 minutes before start of the event - all participants will be invited to Invite Only Lobby by PlamenVT (therefore add PlamenVT to your friends list in case you sign up for the event)
  • Each creator will have chance to present his job to the others and give some tips prior to starting the job. Each creator can select the job settings, just have in mind that it is recommended to run Deathmatches with 10-15 minute limit, races with reduced number laps to fit similar timeframe per job.
  • All submitted jobs will be split in 2 playlists, so we can have a 5 minute break between the 2 sessions
  • The event might be recorded and published on YouTube Channel GTAVGAT
  • We encourage constructive feedback from all participants during the session, in order to give valuable input to the creator for further improvement of their creations
  • Voice communication during the event is preferred, not mandatory
  • To prevent any problems with the job setting (we had this few times on previous events) - make sure you correct your default job setting to the desired prior to the event (e.g. 10 minute time limit, Normal DM or TDM, lap count, etc.)
  • Voting on jobs is either Thumbs Up or No voting. Giving Thumbs down is unnecessary and rather considered disrespectful towards the creator (since he's is sitting in the same lobby). If you have comments on the job on something you did not liked, then just give feedback verbally to the Creator, instead of using the voting button.


1. Add gamertag PlamenVT to your friends list on Xbox Live (not on Social club)
2. Add as a comment to this blog post - the Job Name & Social club link of the job you want to submit (please don't send me your jobs as messages, just add a comment here so we can keep all info centralized)

Edited by PlamenVT
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Can I attend this as a tester? I haven't messed with the creator all like that yet, so I'm still getting used to it.



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You're welcome to join. Please post a comment on this blog post that you want to attend and your spot will be saved. I will add you on XBL and you will get invitation at the time of the event.


Can I attend this as a tester? I haven't messed with the creator all like that yet, so I'm still getting used to it.






For first time we will introduce an optional voting for best jobs.
Each participant can vote after the Event for his favorite jobs (max. 3). Poll will be added on maliciousintentt.weebly.com.
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9 spots taken so far, 7 free spots left.


Sign up only at maliciousintentt.weebly.com/planned-events.html

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