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Gta 5 : Official Car Market #1


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Official Car Market Every Saturday 6-8 p.m Uk time

Have you ever been looking for a rare car that you could never get like a hearse or a taligater? well here is the place to get them:)


How do you sell?

The people who can spawn rare cars will just drive them to the market and sell them there:)

How do you buy?

To buy one of the rare cars you need to find a car in the street and tune it to be worth 20-40K (do not put the car in the garage or insurance it because then the when you trade the cars the seller cannot sell the cars:)



# passive mode

# do not explode any of their cars

#no a-holes

# be nice

#dont scam about the car

#Cars will be checked with me or my people to check that youre not scamming

# there will be 6 sellers and 6 buyers and staff for example people with tanks to protect the uninsuranced cars:)

#please dont spam here...and dont write what youre selling here for that you have to message me and i will know:)

# At the end we will find one car and each person who participates tunes the car in the worth of 3-5k as a tip for us for organizing this event:)

How to join:


Write a comment with whatever you want to be (seller,staff, or buyer)

or pm me








Sellers (psn): staff (psn): buyers (psn):

mental-honor (leader)

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It seems like a good idea but I see one downside, the sellers will just be losing money because its cost most to upgrade a car than u get from selling it

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Stupid imo, it doesnt make any sense. If the seller can find a Tailgater why does he need to fully tune it and trade it in with my fully tuned Oracle? We can just trade the cars without tuning them... Or didnt i get the whole idea?

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It would make so much more sense for the sellers not to tune the cars they spawn. How many cars are there even around to sell that are all that rare? I don't think enough to support this kind of an event.

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I have the Hearse and can spawn it for people, but I don't see me tuning it for them

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no, clearly.

Too bad, I had a cool idea and it got shot down too, you can't have it all haha :)!

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