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Tunnel Bore Machine randomly spawns on trailer after mission


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I opted to start a new game and this time do things differently. I just finished the union depository heist, and was driving to Franklin's house. As I turn, I see Michael's car (not even sure how he got there. When I left, he was far away from said location), and I see the tunnel bore machine on the trailer, just sitting in the road, no truck pulling it. I can jump on the trailer and jump on the tunnel bore machine, but nothing else.


Gotta love the random wtf moments.





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hey odd, just made a similar thread to this, might be interesting :p

I was driving around as Michael in free roam doing a bit of drifting and stuff and I went through the garage where you park the getaway car for the Union Depository heist and out of the corner of my eye I saw a matte black oracle that looked nothing like an NPC car.
Stopping to check it out I realized it was the getaway car for the final heist fully modified identical and in the exact same spot where I parked it for the mission.
thought it was pretty cool but also a bit odd, and after driving around for about 5 in game days with numerous hospital visits and character switches the car was still there.
I have played through all of the epsilon missions and bought properties and stuff and I have finished the story months ago and have no idea why it would be spawning

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