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More free roam events and inflate the rewards of current events.


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I'd like to see more (simple and complex) events to interact with in FR, such as;


- Hijacking a tanker to deliver,


- Doing Trevor's delivery missions where its first to get the vehicle, plane or buggy, gets to do the mission,


- Rob the safes in the stores,


- Taxi and emergency services for NPC, and possibly for players,


- Accepting to guard something from players which yields a bigger reward than taking it,


- Become Johnny on the spot for NPC,


- Taking photos for Beverly with certain requirements e.g. a photo of a certain car in a certain place with a certain weather at a certain timeframe,


- Doing some dock work using the cranes/lifter to move cargo,


- Long haulage e.g. from the airport to the factories in Paleto Bay,


- Van deliveries for product,


- Car deliveries for Simieon the honest way I.E delivering a NPC purchased car to the NPC's house,


- Plane leaflet droppings,


- Hunting,


I think that having more events to do in FR to get some decent to good cash depending on what job would make FR a more entertaining place to be, and encourage people to actually act like humans rather than mindless killers where its every man for themselves.


I also think that the current events need an increase in rewards, what company transports 2k in an armoured truck, and some of the cars for Simieon are way underpriced both text and high priority cars, and even selling cars of the street is too cheap.


I'd say if they stop the multi spawning of the trucks and only have 1 truck that appears every once in a while, perhaps once a in-game week on a certain day at a certain time with about 20-40K, that would be fine is not as if thats a lot of money considering how expensive a lot of stuff is.


As for selling/delivering cars I think they should be at least doubled for all cars, with some of the extremely lower priced cars being triple as much as they are now, I understand that they are stolen but that doesn't mean they cant fetch a high price when sold to dirty people. Ballers should net you 18k, not the pitiful 9k we get now (also, does a unmodded bought Baller sell more than a stolen one?)


Crates, these are the worst, sure its good for lower ranked people especially the special one with a mini-gun, but whats the point when you are 120+ you only benefit from 5k cash and 5k rp, the gun costs more than 5k and thats not including the full 9999 bullets you get with it. I rather have the cost of the gun than the guns themselves on any of the crates.

Bounties could do with a higher cap than now, perhaps 20k for NPC placed bounties and 50k for player placed bounties.


Currently, I can only hope for more FR events if they ever decide to let us purchase business properties.


What do you all think?

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You could have the opportunity to hunt one very difficult to get stag, with few cougars on your arse lol, have about no more than 5 animals for the entire map, surely that won't put too much of a strain on whatever caused us to not have animals in FR.

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Sent this to R*. Please do this; pm me for adress or if you want; I can sent it in your name :-)

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Don't make a wishlist; if you don't want R* to know... ;-)


Pm me please

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Er, sure, if you want to send it to R*


I have added the ideas to a list of mine; I sent them to R* and got a confirmation mail.

We now have to wait to get it reviewed and then I hope we will see them ingame :)


Kind Regards,


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If theres only 1 stag on the whole map, it'll be funny, as everyone runs about trying to be the first to kill it while its spazzing out from so many people being there.

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