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The garage glitch


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Just a quick PSA from the offices of Professor chainsoar: if you've ever done this to other players -




- I hope they f*cking ban you from all Microsoft online services for the remainder of your life. Seriously, f*ck you.


For those of you unclear on the story here, that little f*ck in the far corner of the above pic spawned inside my garage, threw sticky bombs on everything and blew up all my vehicles, without having to pay for it. He sat there for a further 10 minutes or so, with a friend who joined him in the glitch, then managed to freeze my console when the two of them started spamming rockets.


I'd like to be clear: I'm not mad at Rockstar. I've been gaming for a very long time and I'm used to bugs and glitches. I do, however, intensely dislike the immature little f*cks who do this kind of sh*t. Seriously, I wish there was a way to ensure that people like this could be permanently removed from all online games so as to prevent them from tainting the gaming experience for the rest of us with their rancid garbage playstyle.

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Sucks that those guys are on XBox instead of PS3, they seem like really cool guys

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