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The ultimate multiplayer free-roam (fantasy thread)


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Alright, so I acknowledge that GTA Online is pretty chaotic, but I was thinking earlier today, what if it was even more so? I'm thinking GTA + Manhunt + Carmageddon, that kind of thing. Running around in a dirty vest and braces like a crazy redneck psycho killer from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, wearing a blood splattered hockey mask and shooting people in the neck with a nailgun. Welding spikes and rams and all manner of vicious weaponry onto your car so you can cleave pedestrians in two. Something entirely detached from realism, set in a hellish, almost apocalyptic city where everything is in ruins and every single last person in the city is fighting, not for their lives, but for the fun of killing.


Am I alone in thinking that would be cool? Again, this is pure fantasy but I thought it would be fun to spark a conversation about it.


Also, I should mention I'm not suggesting a GTA mod or R* implemented game mode here.

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Every building will have an interior, tall buildings will have working elevators to every floor in the building.


There will be real estate options for buying houses(every house and building will be able to be purchased in game(minus public service buildings such as police stations, fire stations to waterworks and city hall), buying empty lots and building player customized buildings.


Ingame market for player built vehicles made in various 3d modelling programs, full scale car painting and decalling that other players can see your designs without needing to download them from a third party website.


Player helped game development, let your loyal fans help design in game assets such as buildings, vehicles, weapons, destroyable objects.


The above are some of my requirements for an ultimate freeroam multipayer experience.

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Alright, so I overstated how cool my idea was. Yes, you're right. But I stand by my assertion that unbridled chaos would be an excellent and fun way to spend your evening gaming time.

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RPG with a Large open and detailed map set in a post zombie apocalypse. But not over the top goofy like most zombie games but more realistic kind of like TWD except a video game. And like in TWD using guns has a huge adverse effect so they should be used as a last resort. That would be my ultimate open world game.

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