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Mission based Deathmatches

Captain Revenge

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Captain Revenge

Under my R* Social Club name of RevengeModeDelta i make the majority of my deathmatchs mission based, meaning its not always 2 teams duking it out in the neighborhood. It's one team defending a position, while the other team gets aboard aircraft and has to fly to the battle scene land or parachute in, or snipe from a nearby high point. A lot of them are named after or mention real US Military units. A few of them are attempts at re creating actual battles is US Military history. And just to plug 3 jump races: The Amazing Race, super class high speed, high air jump race - Threading the Needle, super class high speed, high air jump race - Jumping Jack Crash, off road class, i run muscle class jump race through Rockford Hills. I also made a deathmatch called Free Roam deathmatch, unlimited individual deathmatch, 1 hour long free for all in LS city limits, no kill limit AND NO POLICE INTERFERENCE. Have at it.

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