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Six Star Star Street Racers, now recruiting!

GTA WiseGuy

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GTA WiseGuy


We're the Six Star Street Racers an Xbox 360 clan looking for the best street racers in LS to join our ranks!

Social Club: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/6_star_street_racers


We're NOT a car meet crew, of course we will have our own internal car meets but we're not open for just anyone to attend. But we will attend otherwise hosted meets as a crew.


We are a roleplaying crew that takes the theme of street racers. As a crew we will be closely interacting with: Crime Families, MC's, Street gangs, Military crews etc


We welcome all car enthusiasts as we leaders are ourselves but anyone else whom takes interest to the theme of our crew is also welcome.


As a Six Star Street Racer you will be able to participate in:

  • Team Deathmatches (Friendly + Competitive)
  • Races
  • Free mode Wars
  • Crew Meetings (Internal and with other crews)
  • Attend Car Meets
  • Filming for the youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/gtawiseguyofficial
  • Missions and other general Jobs

The crew ranks are as follows:

  • Amateur
  • Street Racer
  • Job Driver
  • Wheelman
  • Job Lead
  • Head Wheelman
  • Street Boss
  • Right Hand
  • Street King


If you would like to join our crew you can message myself (GT:TitaniumDurante) or my right hand man (GT:MajesticDurante). We'll then test your skills with a simple time trial race. If you can complete it in under 3mins 5secs in any sports car, you're in. The track is a test of your overall driving skill with multiple hairpin turns and complex corners as well as long straights. You can download the track yourself and practise before your trial if you wish. http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/jobs/job/XjBb_ddWQE-cxj09CWz-vQ?platformId=null If you manage to beat 2mins 55secs, you may be considered for a higher ranking position in the crew.


A little bit of history

Myself and Majestic Durante are original 08 players from GTA IV. We created a clan called: The Majestic X, in the early days of GTA IV. We themed our crew as a security firm for the Majestic Hotel that overlooks Middle Park in Liberty City. We competed and allied with some of the best crews such as: Death From Above (DFA), The Originals, GTA IV's Most Wanted, The Yakuza, The MaFiA etc, for a short while we went dark after the fall of the GTA IV's Most Wanted and the MaFiA and restarted again when a few more crews started to take shape such as the Crime Families in the last 2 years of GTA IV. We continued through to GTA V as a social clan and eventually found ourselves wanting to become more involved in the community. Myself and Majestic then joined the Durante Crime Family where we stayed for 2 months. After their closure we decided we wanted to create our own way in GTA V again, so now here we are leading the Six Star Street Racers and we want you to join us in making memories on GTA V!


Why Six Stars?

This is our link to the Majestic, the Majestic Hotel was a 6 star hotel and displayed 6 red stars on the front of the hotel. All of our profits go to the Majestic, we work for their underground operatives that run the crime in Liberty City and Los Santos and this keeps us at the top.

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Hey it sent you a message on xbox about trying out for the crew! My gt is MunfordAllstar. It's been 3 days and you still haven't messaged back so I was just checking in to make sure you got it!

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been trying to get ahold of someone can anyone help ive added the fb group and am pending ive been trying the time trail, my gt is xjimmyxwaynex fb name is jimmy adams i have proof of beating your time trail:


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