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Textures are losing


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Hey, i've installed some mods into the game and it doesnt seem to work well, the game isnt lagging but it doesnt load many textures. i've tried to make commandline in directory with these sets:


-memrestrict 4294967296
-percentvidmem 100
-height 1080
-width 1920


But it didnt help. I also heard about availablevidmem command but i dont know what is it set to. I have gtx 690 onboard. PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO FIX TEXTURES?

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Three reasons:

1. The system overheat.

2. Your hdd has too much fragments, need to be defragmented or it's defective.

3. The system is too weak and can't handle correct these effects (reflection, bloom, draw distance, resolution...)

Also maybe this modification is with incorrect game patch and reverse.

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I'm experiencing something similar, with an ENB and Liberty City textures Volume 1. No idea what is exactly provoking it, and it seems many other people use the same mods with no issue. Hang tight brah, I hope we'll find a permanent solution and can begin to enjoy the game again.

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