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how many enemies do you have to face in survival?


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has anyone counted how many people there are? im kinda curious how much rep you actually get when you do survival

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depends on how many people doing the survival per-wave for the amount of people to kill

and i think what gun you use, where you shoot them and if you survive the wave all affect your score/RP


@JuZ 75

had a mouthful of drink when i saw your pic

but not for long

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What? Someone was going to do it.


On a more serious note, i'm not sure OP. That being said, last time I played a full survival I seem to recall the waves consisting of anywhere between 20 to 50 or so chumps, so you could say anywhere between 300-500 in total.

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count the kills every1 has at the end

add them together


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*disgusting bieber penis .gif*


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