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The More Objectives the More Cash & RP

JC Hammer

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R* has nerfed some of the missions only requiring 1 trailer delivered, 1 bike, 1 plane landed etc...


Should we get bonus $ & RP for delivering the second trailer or landing a second or third plane etc?


It might also cut down on the trolling as it would keep everyone active after the prime objective is secured


Can you think of any other secondary objectives that could be used to add bonus cash and RP?

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Maybe something like "complete mission using only x weapon" or something along the lines of the storymode medals might add a little replay value if nothing else.


edit: Perhaps some bonus RP for not wasting any team lives wouldn't be a bad idea either.

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The Landing Gear mission where you have to fly 3 planes from Sandy Shores Airfield and land them at Los Santos Docks.


Me and my team are good pilots and we always manage to land all 3 without damage, but the mission ends when you turn 1 in. I think it should be that when you land 1 plane, you are given a 3 minute timer or something to land the other 2 (if they're still functional). Receiving bonus money for each added plane turned in.


We should get bonus money for each plane turned in, not out problem that the mission is designed to have 3 planes only if people manage to destroy 2. What I wrote above would be the perfect solution.

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Yes, completing all objectives should pay more than doing the bare minimum. There could be some awards like DM as well, like team carrier if only one person survives and completes the mission or someting for no deaths as stated above.

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