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[PS3] Stuntman: A 10-race series through all 50 stunt jumps


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So, raced the whole thing.
Not going into detail but most races need a lot of work imo. Love the idea though.

- I'd go for laps instead of ptp's as it works better as you get to know the jumps

- Better cp placement at the jumps themselves. Some cp's are in front of the jump if you respawn. Pull them way back and announce the jump with props!

- Good description (about going straight when seeing no cp's, you should add this to all the descriptions) but the distance between some other cp's is too long sometimes without a stunt jump between and then I went looking for one (as you have no consistent stunt jump announcement)

- put traffic off!! Especially when retrying a jump the good thing about a stunt jump race is that you can try it without traffic,....

- Make three playlists instead of one. Played this on my own as I wasn't expecting anyone to join a 10 jobs playlist,... So three playlists with each five jobs would be perfect to cover all stunt jumps imo. Especially if you make some shorter (lap) races!


Good work though, had my fun!

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