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"Player joining please wait" no player joining


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is there a fix for this? it happens randomly as far as i can tell and the mission is stuck until you back out.

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Been happening to me, sometimes they show up after a couple minutes.

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Happening a lot on my end, too. Very annoying. This and other similar problems (like console freezing) make it so half of my in-session time playing the game is spent waiting... or reloading... etc. No fix that I've seen, just confirming you're not alone.

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For an online game, I seem to spend more time in story mode and error screens.


It cannot be just me that experiences these problems, surely?


First issue is joining jobs, getting timed out messages and player no longer in session error.

Second, joining random missions - timed out back to story mode.


The third one is the most annoying, I finally land up in a lobby fully of people and happy to go through a nice deathmatch, even the map is perfect! Then some n00b comes along and he doesn't join properly. Will say joining in red and he never joins, then when the session starts I'm hit back into story mode. Then a similar issue, players joined (Shows joined in green) but their level is not indicated next to the joined indicator. Hit straight back to storymode, do not pass begin and do not collect your $200.


Why is it that people are not joining sessions properly?

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