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(PS3) MYPL Crew is recruiting!


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website(apply here): http://mypl.guildlaunch.com/

socialclub: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/mysticalplayers/

Why Join MYPL Crew?

We are mature players that respect each other, are loyal to the crew and extremely laid back,

We dont care to help players level up by doing missions, help you with races to get your upgrades, or to answer any of your questions. We are a smaller crew currently 37 members and growing but we are extremely active there is always someone online. I have been in crews before that have had anywhere from 300 to 500 members and honestly this crew is more active then any of those I have been in. We arent just a "crew" were a gaming family. Unlike alot of crews we do not require you to be any certain age to join but we do ask that you do act maturely and treat everyone in the crew with respect.. The crew is a variety of people differing in age, race, sex, and background so please watch what you say and dont offend anyone. Racism will NOT be tolerated. We are not strict at all infact probably the biggest group of laid back people you could meet we just ask you be respectful, you do that then your ok.

Ages in the crew currently range from 11 up in the 30s so no matter what age you are there will be someone the same or close to your age that you can relate to.

We ask that you dont constantly kill other crew members save that for the crew battles we have sometimes.

We do have woman in our crew most of which that are married or engaged so we do ask that you dont get vulgar with them

We make crew videos weekly by photos taken in-game by all crew members you can view a few of them on the official crew website.

I dont know what else to say if your looking to have fun and or someone to help you along the way this is the crew for you just go to our crew website and fill out the application which wont take more then 2mins

Thanks for reading!

The Website is newer so not all the members are on it yet.

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Welcome, you need to add a link to your crew's social club page please. Use the EDIT feature to do so, do NOT reply with a link. Thanks.

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