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The Real Lifter's are recruiting!

The Real Lifter's is now recruiting members to join its ranks. Being a small part of The Real Lifter's is a great privilege and your children's children will speak of the things you did. You will be immortalized as a Mr. Puss Puss. A being with no fears (except spiders) and no doubts! To gain higher rankings in The Real Lifter's you must have a headset and be willing to do any of the following at anytime with no notice

Crazy jumps

Stupid stuff including but not limited to getting drunk in public, dancing, and bmxing up the city.

Flying around in airplanes and BroFisting™

Meet at the Gas Station located on the cross street of Little Seoul and that other street for a little car club.

For more information on joining see below for link and/or contact information. Stay cheesy my friends.





Crew/Gang Name: The Real Lifter's {IDLB}
About: See above
Leader Contact: PSN: Thelastofkrypton
Social Club Crew Link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_real_lifters
Platform(s): Playstaion 3
Games: Grand Theft Auto Online
Timezone: PST

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