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Appreciation Thread: Comet and Infernus

U.L. Paper

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I think that the Comet and the Infernus are two very underated vehicles in GTA Online. So lets start a thread for people that appreciate these cars. Ill start it off with my Comet and Infernus. Feel free to post your vehicles.





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Had both the only problem with the comet is it can swerve all over the place for no reason

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There's joint appreciation threads now?


OP's Infernus is beautiful BTW!

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Don't wanna be that guy but I think there's already appreciation threads for these cars


Anyway, nice pics

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If I weren't collecting every Grotti in the game, then these cars probably would be back in my garage. My first supercar bought was an Infernus, and I miss it like crazy. My second bought sports car was a Comet, which I would love now that I drift often. Sadly, I just dropped big bucks for a Stinger, so and only really have one spot left in my garage that I intended to reserve for the overrated, eyesore of a car known as the Turdismo. Maybe when it's time to let go of a couple of cars out side of that group, I'll get them again.

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