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A Guide to Stat Maxing ASAP


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This might help you max your stats faster. What are the stats? There are 7:


Stamina - Ride a bike


Shooting - Play survival mode


Stealth - Click in the joystick so you are in stealth mode, then rubber band the controller while you are afk so you are walking in circles and come back later your stealth will be full


Flying - Grab a plane (helicopters are useless) at Sandy Shores or LSI; take off and land repeatedly while raising the landing gears


Driving - Go to LSI and drive at high speeds and do donuts without crashing


Lung Capacity - Sorry I don't know a strategy for this one other than diving in the water repeatedly and resurfacing just before your air runs out


Strength - Play golf hole #6 ONLY over and over until you max out; playing more than one hole at once confers no benefit

If you have additional tips or better strategies post below and I will update the guide thanks!

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To max out your strength stats:


Have a friend go into the changing room that is available in some clothes stores. While said friend is in the changing clothes menu, you can beat the crap out of them for as long as it takes without inflicting damage. Watch as the stats go up, then swap roles.



To max out stealth stats:


I simply left my character in my garage, rested my tv remote on the controller in such a way that my character crept around in circles without my input. Go grab a coffee & a sandwich and let the stats go up.

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