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A unique Race - Trevor Needs A Driver!


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I think I have created a unique race, I'm yet to see one like it and it is for skilled drivers.

This is the link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/jobs/job/VyuIfY69ckGbgCqaWnFOCA?platformId=1

The unique thing about the race is it's a race but you make your own route, if you know a few shortcuts or advantage points on the map then it will help.


Basically you begin on the beach and have to get to Trevors place in Sandy Shores and pick up a package then head straight down to the airport where Ron is waiting.


Pitting goes a bit out of the window as none of the racers are locked to one specific route or piece of road, and it's great when out of the corner of your eye or on the radar another driver comes into shot from a totally different direction :)

Maybe there are other races like this but I am yet to encounter one in game or read of one.


Only negative is there will always be lots of DNF in the final placings but that ties in with the theme of the race - once a package is delievered then it's job done, the other guys won't be needed.


But please load it up and see what you think :)

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A bunch of race rating stuff and whatnot ---> http://gtaforums.com/forum/302-content-creator/ But you knew that...

I've seen a couple "DIY races" here and there, its kinda hard to review considering that its only three points, but it could definitely be fun, as well as help players memorize the map.

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