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[XBOX] Looking for People For A Serious Role Play


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Looking for some serious players for a role play which is just about to start.

As we have never done a role play before we are hoping to get some experienced members in and get more of a senior role to the experienced players so we can easily progress, at this stage in the recruitment process we are only looking for a fine margin of people with experience and know what they are doing, to then allow more members in and get more serious.

Our first aim is to split a divisional side of things, such as we want a Fire Service which will mainly be in control of sorting crashed cars and any fires that may occur. Another service is the Police patrolling both the vehicle side of things and the back streets of the game making sure it's safe. The other department is Civilians, which are normal people doing everyday activities and may cause trouble may not, can be fined, work etc.

I'm going to offer a simple application forum so that people can easily apply and it gives myself and Zach a chance to see what people are like, training will be done once the experience is in and we are on the same wave length.

Name -
Age -
Department -
Experience -
Playing Times -
What Makes You Stand Out -
How Serious are you? -
Gamertag -

All members are required to have a working microphone, once being accepted it is likely you will be invited into a party and then explained what is happening. This role play will expand however for now we are looking for experience and then the newer users to have more developed training.

Thanks again, any further questions reply underneath your application form.

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Sounds like you had a little to much incest last night.


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Sounds like you had a little to much incest last night.


Hmm, you are not funny what so ever.

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This belongs in the Find Groups & Meetups section OP

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Name - Luc
Age - 12
Department - I really don't mind, my preference would be the military as I have all the gear. My gear looks like the FBI too, so I could do that as well.
Experience - Once before, but we ended it half-way.
Playing Times - Not sure what this is?
What Makes You Stand Out - I aim to make the experience the best-looking and most fun as possible for all the players. I am extremely obedient and am willing to take any job going.
How Serious are you? - I'm all ears for instructions, and I will take this seriously as I want the best outcome for the role play.
Gamertag - DaWheelo

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