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Pegasus doesn't answer my calls


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I bought some vehicles I have lots of money. I bought tank, buzzard, duster and a bus. But lately, I can't call Pegasus. It says "we are helping other clients" and sh*t, which means I don't have any vehicle to get from Pegasus. In game modes (survival, tdm, etc.) I can see that I have all type of vehicles. (Car, boat, heli and a plane) What should I do to fix that annoying thing?

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Have you ever received any calls from them?


Have you tried it in a solo and or invite only lobby?

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I don't remember clearly but I guess I took a call from them lately. But as I said, I can't remember it.


I tried in an invite only session but I didn't try it in a solo session.

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Weird I honestly have no idea then. Hopefully someone else here knows for you.

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I had the same problem, it turned out I had somehow lost all of my Pegasus vehicles.


First off, try going to L.S. Customs - you don't need to spend any money - just drive in then leave and ring Pegasus.


If this doesn't solve the problem, you might have the same problem as me :0(


I found out for sure by buying the cheapest vehicle, the Journey for $15k, then I rang Pegasus back.


The Journey was the only vehicle on the list...


I have a ticket open with R* but haven't heard back from them yet.


If you have the same problem, they will ask you for details such as what you bought, and when - and when you lost them.


Hope you don't have the same problem, if you do good luck!

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