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Rate the Mission Above you.

KD himan

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Just for some fun. as there are many threads like this one on other forums, i decided to make this one. [ About the missions ]


Rule - Post only your mission, do not double post, rate the mission out of 10, post only single missions, no need to describe many things about the mission, no off topic and just give 1 sentence review.


There you go, my first Mission ever - > El Castillo Strike!


Take this thread easy, if it goes over spams or moderators see it's useless, they can freely lock this.

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http://gtaforums.com/topic/475094-rate-the-mission-above-you/ - the first topic

http://gtaforums.com/topic/562035-rate-the-mission-above-you/ - the second topic


You know you could have just bumped one of these (presumably the 2nd). Bumped topics don't always get closed if you bump it with something worthy.

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Oh okey i didnt see them, sorry. but you can still continue the new one ''if'' you want.

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The Odyssey

+Good placement of enemies,

+Good amount of health and accuracy set to the enemies.


-Grammar could be better

-Wanted level set in a shootout mission

-Mission wasn't very captivating.


Overall: It was decent, but being your first mission ever I can understand why.



Next mission - A Path To Freedom


Edited by The Odyssey
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Thanks The Odyssey to start this game, here is my reviews ->


+ Object Placement was so Perfect

+ Story chosen for the mission was very nice

+ Very good placement for enemies.

+ Very good English and Grammar.


- Animation settings were not much perfect.


Overall Mission was very good, it feels like that i am playing a whole MP not single mission and TBH, i really enjoy it, i has become one of my favorites mission.


8 / 10.


Okey so again my turn :/


Mission - > Montgomery Assault

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Do we really need this topic???

Do we really need that post?


I Bet that you didn't read the whole topic, for your kind information, the first line of this topic answers your question.

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Do we really need this topic???


It's like he's the new one who wants to get an attention from another or finding more popularity for himself


Enough off topic

Here's my review for Montgomery Assault by KD Himan because of getting bored designing for my mission pack


+ Good Objects Placement

+ Good Placement of both enemies and pickup


- Some words are mistake spelling

- No logic (A player felt down from a very high tower and still survive, how could be?)

- Bad moving cutscenes


Overall : This mission is good, combination between stealth and combat are also nice, just need more improvement for this mission



Alright, i guess it's my turn, this one is my first mission, working together with my friend :

Nuked Town

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When is my turn?

Just play the above mission, give ratings then post yours. it's your turn then.

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