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New to GTA:O Xbox 360. Friends pls? :D


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I bought GTA 5 off my friend at school yesterday, and 3 +1 month of xbox live.


I pretty much know everything there is to know about GTA 5 so I'm not a nubbie. I played on PS3 ;P


The performance overall is much better than the PS3 and loads faster.. not even gunna lie.


I havn't met anyone cool, it seems all dull and different. Most likely cuz no one has mic's and I'm new to the Xbox GTA:O world. Plus I'm mainly focused on leveling up and maxing general stats.


If anyone wants to chill out, add me up! I'm a loner :<


My Gamertag is: SupaFlyMeatbaww (Damn you 15 character limit -.-)

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