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Late April fools joke orrr...?


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So I was playing GTA Online with a friend, He logged off,

So I went to my apartment, I took out my Pistol and started shooting at the Eclispe Tower from the ground, For some reason Iet out a red smoke,

(The same smoke as if you called for an Air Strike) But nothing came. I thought it was the tower doing that till I shot the ground. Same, Red smoke, but it only let 5 pop up. I took out my Combat Pistol and that where things got fun.

I had explosive bullets. I dont know how or why but I did. I called my friend to log back in. But as soon as he went where I was at, I didnt have nothing. No more smoke/explosive bullets.

This was in a public session.


Was this a late April fools joke???

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Have you been able to recreate it?

Nope, It was right after me and my friend were doing that gate glitch.

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