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The Faustino Syndicate

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The Faustino Syndicate, also known as The Syndicate, and the Los Santos Syndicate is a criminal organization operating in Los Santos, San Andreas. It is the predominant organized criminal element in eastern Los Santos, and one of the most dominant and longstanding crime groups in Los Santos as a whole. The organization has its roots in Italo-American crime groups from Liberty City, robbery organizations from San Andreas, and narcotics networks abroad and is comprised of a large network of criminals, cuthroats, bookmakers, loansharks, and bank robbers, who all pay tribute to the top members of the organization.

The Four Founders of Los Santos Crime

The Faustino Syndicate was officially founded in 2013 by four career criminals and lifelong friends who relocated from the East Coast to the West all in the same year. Romero "Doc" Faustino, Tino "Ace' De Luca, Mac Scofield, and Benjamin Ruggiero have all been credited with the founding of The Syndicate. The Syndicate was named for Faustino, who had always been the group's leader and was thought to have brought the men together. But even he coined the umbrella term 'Syndicateism' to describe the Roman Republic-esque leadership of their group, where each member brought something significant to the table to aid their criminal enterprise. Tino De Luca was well liked by every criminal and had an easy time keeping up with friendships, both new and old. He was also described as a fair leader when called upon to lead. Mac Scofield held powerful connections to the Los Santos police department and the country's military, and had a background in military work. Thus he became an asset when it came to Syndicate gang members from harm. Lastly, Benjamin Ruggiero was said thought to be the smartest man by Doc, his best friend one moment, and then an enemy at the next.

There was a split, and a divide in leadership. Doc and Tino favored bringing in new members and giving everyone a chance. On the contrary, Mac leaned towards an isolationist policy towards gang business. The way he viewed the situation, if no new members were brought in, the Syndicate could protect itself from infiltration. Benjamin concurred with Mac throughout the conflict. One of the new members proposed by Doc and Tino was Jack Damico, yet another gangster from Liberty City. The two argued that they had used up many connections to release him from his crew in to theirs and they weren't going to let him go. Mac and Lefty viewed Damico with hostility and suspicion. When Damico was promoted a notch above the rest of the lower ranking members, war broke out. Benjamin immediately offered his services to a security/intelligence agency called Erebus International and quit The Syndicate for good. He didn't, however, give up his passion for crime and for a while Doc and Benjamin were in talks about having their respective groups form a sports gambling Syndicate.

Mac and Jack remained in an extremely uneasy alliance. Benjamin, pretending to still be a friend to the Syndicate, frequently counseled Mac on his affairs. So when Benjamin asked Mac to introduce him to any contacts he might have in the government or military who owed him a favor, Mac obliged, and Lefty, now an intelligence agent, fit in perfectly with the New California Republic, a powerful branch of the military in Blaine County, San Andreas. Lefty offered them funding opportunities through illicit activities, as well as intelligence on any of their rivals. All they needed to do was provide weaponry and infantry in a street war against Doc Faustino, Tino De Luca, and the rest of the Faustino Syndicate. He claimed, they were going to make a move against his interests and he feared for his life. During this time he secretly confirmed to Mac Scofield (who was on neither side) his wishes to take over sports gambling and gun running in Los Santos from the hands of Doc, Tino, and the Syndicate, and that he was going to continue his plan.

The Great Recruitment Drive

Even before the falling out between its for founders, Doc and Tino had been looking to expand their business interests by recruiting more men. In just under a month, the Syndicate's number of sidewalk soldiers went from very few to many. Doc proposed the innovative concept of crew leadership - instead of overseeing an entire criminal organization, several specified middlemen would oversee the men for him and Tino. These men came to be known as crew bosses, and the first to be named to his post was the loyal Jack Damico. The Damico crew, also known as the silent grim, became the most populous and powerful street crew under Syndicate control and included soldiers such as Loren Thomas, Eddy Harris, and Devin Dolore. The next to be named to a crew leader post was Dellomo Roberto, an older member of the Syndicate who was handpicked to lead the old timers as well as the British members of the gang. In his crew were long standing Syndicate members like Ross Simoes, Ron Stormings, Casey Vercetti, and Damien King. The final leader was hastily picked by Doc after he forced his organization to merge under Syndicate control. John Zdroestky reluctantly agreed to lead a street crew when Doc and Tino took note of him as a natural leader. In his haste, Doc neglected to screen him for loyal qualities as he had done to Jack and Dellomo. Zdroetsky resented having to work under Syndicate control, and it took a man like Benjamin Ruggiero to help him break free. They needed the support of Zdroetsky's right hand man, Driz, who was a rising star in the Syndicate. So the two men told him the Syndicate bosses were planning to have him killed and thrown in the ocean. Driz, who was viewed as a loose cannon, responded by shooting at the brother of Syndicate founder Mac Scofield and told him to 'take this to Doc'.

The bosses and soldiers began stockpiling on automatic weapons and gearing up for all out war. Gunshots rang out all across Blaine County as Syndicate soldiers tried to dismantle and destroy the Zdroetsky-Driz gang in an attempt to put pressure on their real enemy and one time friend, Benjamin Ruggiero. The battles ended with two Syndicate associates killed and the Syndicate vowed for every one of theirs killed in the streets they would kill one more of the Zdroetsky gang. In response, John Zdroetsky himself showed up on Tino's doorstep for a 'meeting'. Doc asked him what he planned to do had Tino been home. He responded that he was told to kill him. Finally being pushed to their limits, when soldier Casey Vercetti reported a sighting of Zdroetsky gang member Anthony, he brought him to Doc and Tino to extract information. Anthony reported a falling out between Zdroetsky and and Driz, and that tension was heating up over who would lead the anti-Syndicate movement. Doc thanked him and left the room, leaving Vercetti to shoot Anthony and end his life. Zdroetsky was backed in to a corner. With one of his shooters dead, he was left unprotected and underfunded. He regretfully stole what little money he could from his soldier known as Drippy, who immediately switched sides and informed the Syndicate out of member. Doc thanked him, gathered what little information he could and found out that there was to be a meeting between all of the anti-Syndicate conspirators at Mackenzie airfield, with Benjamin Ruggiero himself in attendance. Jack Damico carried Drippy off to a secluded corner of Kortz Center, Richman and shot him in the head.


The Conspirators Break Apart

Driz was beginning to feel uneasy about an ongoing war with the Syndicate, knowing his business would suffer. And his uneasiness never went unnoticed. On a stormy night in Blaine County, Ben Ruggiero, John Zdroetsky, Driz, and Zdroetsky's bodyguard held court in Mckenzie Airfield. Ruggiero told them he would ask Mac Scofield to participate in the war against the Syndicate and 'finally get rid of Doc so we can take over'. To show them he meant business, Ruggiero murdered Zdroetsky's bodyguard to prevent him from talking. The infighting left both Zdroetsky and Driz feeling uneasy about working with Ruggiero. The next day, the conspirators made their plays for power and survival. Ruggiero approached Mac Scofield, asking for his help. Driz approached Doc Faustino and told him about the meeting, and offered Zdroetsky's location in exchange for Doc and the Syndicate sparing his life. The conspirators met again in the airfield. Ben Ruggiero revealed he was unable to talk Mac Scofield in to cooperating and a 'greenlight' would be placed on him, approving his death. Zdroetsky then turned his gun on Driz, correctly suspecting him of furnishing information to The Syndicate. Ruggiero angrily left the meeting, feeling a lack of progress had been made, calling the Zdroetsky gang useless and claimed he would go back to the New California Republic, who could offer more in battle. Zdroetsky planned to hire more bodyguards and more men, but before he could do so, he disappeared, murdered by Syndicate forces, or possibly Ruggiero.

Doc held a special hatred for the New California Republic for siding with Ruggiero without ever so much as speaking to him or Tino. He devised a plan to surround the New California Republic, and politely ask them to withdraw their support for Ruggiero, lest fighting spill over against their army. He tracked them down to an army barracks in Blaine County then blocked off the Del Perro freeway, Vinewood Hills backroads, and Route 66 from traffic to the south, preparing for an ambush when the New California Republic came out of hiding. Their leadership finally agreed to meet with him. Commander Scott McPherson of the New California Republic finally agreed to withdraw his support of Ben Ruggiero, citing ideological differences and a lack of return on his agreement with Ruggiero. He told Doc he needed to run the idea by his leader, Alfred Scaleta, a strong military leader in northern San Andreas. In a meeting a week later between Syndicate members and New California Republic forces. Alfred Scaleta, who believed he had the upper hand, attempted to negotiate a deal with Faustino that was advantageous towards his military. Doc politely agreed to be on good terms, then walked out of the meeting with Commander McPherson, announcing he was now to be joining the Syndicate, along with several other members of the NCR. An enraged Alfred swore revenge.

Madness Ends

It had been two months since the madness ended. Mac Scofield had given up his feuding with Syndicate leaders and became one of only three top bosses in charge of all the group leaders. Group leader Jack Damico continued on his quest for success, and along with Dellomo Roberto, became a respected gangster and multi-millionaire. Scott McPherson became the fabled 'third crew leader' successfuly replacing the disastrous John Zdroetsky,, and naming his friends and former comrades Myriad, Marksman, and Mike Brevetti as soldiers in his sub-gang. Doc Faustino's best friend and fellow gang boss JR Rosoto began a white collar business organization, called The Corporation, which was much like the East Island Council which Doc, Tino, and Mac had begun many years ago in the dusk of their criminal careers. Rosoto became his partner and both organizations grew together in harmony, building an impressive compound together in Vinewood Hills. Casey Vercetti and Eddy Harris were rewarded for 'making their bones' during the war and both became mentors to a new generation of Syndicate racketeers. The madness was finally over when Benjamin Ruggiero called it quits and retired to obscurity (and failure).

For now, the Syndicate maintains good relations with the Bianco Crime Famiglia, the Corporation, Uptown Mafia, and the Men in Red. Doc, Tino, Mac, and the rest of the gang spend most of their days living well all over Del Perro Los Santos, their home - always on the lookout for those who might be unlucky enough to test them. Because foolish men might forgive. But once you aim a gun in the face of a Syndicate member, from a soldier to a crew boss, god can't even save you from Syndicate justice.

Continuing later.


We are a Free Mode-based gang. Our activities will include whatever the group feels will be the most fun at the time. We do participate in assassinations but for fun, not as serious gameplay. Most weeks we will either have fight club or jetski races down the Alamo Sea. The rest of the time is spent talking and hanging out in Vinewood Hills or Del Perro, Los Santos. Once or twice weekly we will run security drills, which is a fancy way of saying protecting a VIP member or his vehicle, and it keeps you in shape for when a fightbreaks ou with a rival crew.



The Syndicate employs a complicated structure to maintain internal stability and street-level power. The top four members of The Syndicate are the highest boss, his chiefs of staff, and the gang's liaison (advisor). The only men who report to them are the group leaders, and one-to-two high level soldiers. Each group leader controls 1-10 gunmen who report to him only. The gunmen (soldiers, muscle, and associates) take their marching orders from the crew leaders. Crew leaders recruit from off the street, or through contacts made with other gangs. Even though their jobs rarely cross paths, the top bosses are familiar with most of the lower level soldiers. Meetings are held with each crew when available covering topics such as finance, war, recruitment, discipline, the state of affairs, and weekly activities to keep the boys entertained.








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