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need help to organize Competition!


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Hello gamers


Let’s talk to the topic.

I am designing game for Iphone n ANDRIOD for a company. i am just a beginner.


Actually, My company recently open project for Gaming (ready to invest more) that's why they hired me and .


and I am the only a gamer in that company so that’s why my CEO give me a task!

They said “You will have to organize a gaming competition in world level (the event will be host by my company)"..



I don’t know what to do?!!!! I already have talk to my boss that I don’t know ABC of gaming competition” but they still want me to organize.



Kindly guide me what kind of game competition is and What steps should I take to achievement.




Our event will be occur after 4, 5 months.



Sorry about my English





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I'm going to move this to Gaming Chat.


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Decide what games are going to be there. Pick a nice city like NYC as people go there alot and it is a "world like destination." Games I suggest are call of duty and halo. Fighting games are good to.

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There would be a award activity

my company will be rewarded for best game creation

but sadly, my company dont have knowledge about gaming expact me and also we create games for Iphone and ANDRIOD in small level.


thats why i am confuse what to do?!

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