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Slaying is an art

Grand Theft Amanda

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Grand Theft Amanda

To all the Gangsters, killers and murderer,


Los Santos do not belong to the weaks.

Why murder and kill when you can slay them?

Let's join together and slay every1...

...so we can be the only ones.

A real slayer just slay and moves on...

...to another target.


Just don't forget.


They slay everyone who aren't with us.


They slay because they like it.

They slay because they love it.

They slay because they are insane!


Why be small time murderer or killer...

When you can be a slayer...


Join Slaying is an art.

Slay your enemies...


...And we shall rule LS.


Lyrics by:

Amanda 2014 Slaying is an art

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You will be needing to post a link to your crew on the Social Club.


I would not advise responding to this post, simply edit the link into your opening post.

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Grand Theft Amanda

Thank you all

I had to cut it because some1 who was looking at my screen said:

Can I steal them lyrics?


I kinda panic and saved what I've written


To make a short story short,


If you can sing and/or put music to my first post

I will form a band and you might be in it.


I believe in my lyrics, do you believe in you?

I believe in me and I will rule the world


Even if you kill me, I will be alive


I can't say more but,

Do you believe in yourself and me?


Is they're anyone to take my place?

Is they're anyone to take my palace?


If you got what it takes and wanna tour the world.

Slaying is an art is for you.

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