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GTA 6 - What will it look like?


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Maybe it's too early to create topic like this, but why not?

In my opinion, Rockstar should add futuristic atmosphere, like it was in GTA 2, the only futuristic GTA series game with imagined districts. What if GTA 6 will be in imagined city? The ripped-off cities are cool too, but not everytime.

What about you? What do you think it will look like?

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Gnocchi Flip Flops

I could imagine a 2018 Vice City with a wonderful variety of cars [old and new], a thrilling storyline, big safehouses, yachts, and graphics similar to V but w/ little-to-no aliasing issues and better reflections and shadows. :D

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Probably a modern day version of all 3 main cities, with the ability to design your own character (Male or Female)

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Anything that doesn't have liberty city


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I'm still sure that San Fierro and the bay area are pretty much what the next GTA needs. Chicago would be cool too, but I'm almost sure we won't see new cities until all the 5 classic cities are redone.

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