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Social Club Error?


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Hi guys and gals,


I've been playing the game since launch and haven't had any major problems outside of the norm. But for the last week I've not been able to sign in to the Social Club. It means I can't talk to my crew when out of the game, check how my custom jobs are doing etc etc. When I try to sign in it just sends me to a white page with black text that says 'Sorry, there was an error while processing your request, please try again later'. Anyone else having any problems or know any potential fixes?

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You might want to try a different browser, I had a similar problem with soundcloud.

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Yeah, I've tried it with my laptop, my girlfriends and the computers at university. All use different browsers. I've sent R* a ticket but I'm gonna be waiting a while for a reply cause I can still play the game.

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