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Popular Posts

Pickin' up some chicks

Weird, I have that same exact shirt.

Snapchat selfie. By responsibilities I meant cleaning my room and putting new bed in... that didn't happen because I went and played GTA and I slept on the floor last night LOL.

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The rare instance of me taking a selfie:



The rarer instance of me smiling (or whatever it is I'm doing) in the said selfies:



Me in April or May 1999 (around 3 to 4 months old)


I'm the little one on the right. The girl on the left is my older sister, who was like 2 at the time.


No one knows whose hands I'm grabbing. No one, not even my mum who took the photo. She didn't remember seeing it there. She called the police about it and everything. Oooohhhhh spooky.

Edited by Hocko1999_fgc
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curls entering the sideways growth stage. crap.



although it still flows nicely and is overall comfy LzipEYQ.png


for the select few who knows who they are;




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Seattle comic con (apparently that's a thing) was going on a couple blocks away from my hotel...it was like being in a different universe and I had no idea what the f*ck was going on.

Sh*t quality iphone pic of me there...



Edited by RavingWithJesus
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Me and my precious boyfriend. <3
(I am the one on the left)



And sorry for the bad quality, it was pretty dark in here.

Edited by Wavesittich
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Me when i was a baby, waaaay back in the early 90s




My bundle of joy, waaaay back to last sunday




She looks so much like me, its so cool! Its like watching myself grow :p


Bonus pic my daughter took after the easter egg hunt... I was exhausted running around after her



Father-daughter cereal time :)


Edited by TECHN9CiAN
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TBT - Throwback Tuesday. Came across this picture recently, looking like a complete f*ck up. Back in the short haired days of grade 10 2010, skipping math class, what a dork.


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