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Member Photos V2.0

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Popular Posts

Pickin' up some chicks

Weird, I have that same exact shirt.

Snapchat selfie. By responsibilities I meant cleaning my room and putting new bed in... that didn't happen because I went and played GTA and I slept on the floor last night LOL.

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A picture from the world's saddest photoshoot.



Can't you tell how happy I am?


No, I don't play with these people out of good will. I've got bills to pay.

Edited by Marwin Moody
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Shameless selfie after getting home from my birthday shenanigans last night. Was a bit tired here.




I need a haircut.




You might notice those yellow dots all over the pic, no idea what that is.



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Mobile phones take quality photo's im impressed, Keep in mind it was overcast when i took the last two shots, their at a different location but all these shots were taken on the same day, I bought myself a burger, And went for a stroll, It was epic !!!!


All I see is panoramic photos. Better suited for the Photography thread. http://gtaforums.com/topic/306118-gtaf-photography-topic/


This thread is for members to post pics of themselves.



Maybe he's just good at hiding.

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So, uh, I'm starting to think my dad is just my time-travelling twin brother:

(Dad holding me shortly after I was born; June 1997)

(Me mimicking his expression. Swollen left cheek...)

Further proof:

(Dad holding my older brother; 1992)
('Dat dirty ass mirror, though...)

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Sexy son of a bitch.



Snow day here in Cali!


No f way, I quit the internet if this is true. :inlove:

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My new haircut makes me look like a teenager.


Puberty treated Samara well. :p


LOL WOW. I feel slightly insulted but also amused at the same time.

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People say the weirdest sh*t to women on the internet.


e: o sorry that wasn't aimed at you not bearing a resemblance to whomever it was supposed to be, but rather the entirety of this thread.

Edited by Marwin Moody
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The creep factor in this thread is at an 8 and I need it at a zero. Thanksmuch.




e: to not completely derail, here's me on the tube.




Cool that snapchat converts to inferior units depending on location.

Edited by Marwin Moody
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Daily trip to the woods.


I really look like a f*cking serial killer.

Edited by paperbagdude
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My first public face reveal since I joined some years back, only posted pics in limited access forum areas before so go easy.

Edited by ryan_J
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