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People That Make Videos About Glitches


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The problem when people make videos about glitches, they are not only helping us, they are helping Rockstar patch out more fun without realizing. The video makers upload their glitch videos to You Tube, Rockstar find the videos, watch them and patch the glitches. People that make these videos are idiots because they are not only telling us players about the glitches and how to do them, they are also telling Rockstar and letting Rockstar know how they are done so that Rockstar know how to patch them.


Rockstar obviously go around on You Tube looking for these type of videos. Most of the building glitches in RDR got patched apart from one because the one and only that was never patched never made it to a video. When TBoGT came out, all of a sudden so many idiots went mad uploading a video about the parachute glitch and before we knew it, Rockstar patched it.


If people really want to advertise glitches, they should in places where Rockstar are less likely to find them.

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wonder if rockstars knows about se7ensins...



"contacts rockstar support"



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I don't know about you, but I like to play my game glitch free. It's not just nicer to see a clean (perfect) game. It's a matter of principle. I would rather learn and perfect something I am interested in to do, then exploit the game's weaknesses to my advantage to be better or superior at the game just to have a peak at others of how I am so ˝great˝ because I am too f*cking lazy to learn something on my own or do, than take a easy way out and rather exploit.


No wonder GTA IV multiplayer failed because of all kind of morons who exploited the game with mods, turbos and what not.

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