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So I was running around in freeroam having fun. Then I encountered a guy who was shooting explosives out of a handgun, kind of ruined all the fun.


It was raining and we got in a car chase and everywhere I drove there was fire under me, looked really strange. Then we got out of the cars, there was a good distance between us - the kind of distance where you would need a sniper rifle. No matter what I did he kept instantly blowing me up, when I was scoping him out I noticed he was holding nothing but what looked like a handgun and then boom I died again.


How is this even possible?

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Did you manage to report this asshole? I hate people like this


Yes I did. There was another dude there as well who was fighting this guy and I asked him if he reported him and he said no >_<


At least I killed the cheater 8 times and he killed me 7 so that's good! Hope R* does something about assholes like this tho.

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Start --> Online --> Find New session


Yeah that's an option, but legit players shouldn't have to leave because of cheaters.

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Simply go in passive mode and report them and find a new session.


By the way, which consoles are these modders being seen on? I play GTA Online very often and I haven't seen a modder yet. For future reference, I'm on PS3.

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