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GTA: Online Role-Play Group (Xbox 360)


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GTA: Online Role-Play


Are you interested in what it would be like to Roam the streets as a LSPD public officer or a Blaine County Sheriff, a LSFD firefighter, or a smooth criminal with mass connections around the State? Well I have your answer my friend, take the role of countless jobs in Los Santos that can only be achieved in RolePlay with the assistance of others. Join the Proffesional LSPD and become an officer of the law, and you might choose to expand your career working for the FIB or IAA. Or you can decide to make these peoples jobs a living hell and raise the crime rate in Los Santos. Do you remember in the GTA Online trailer when the narrator told the audience that GTA Online is a persistant world and what you choose to do in that world is entirely up to you? To me, this doesnt seem true, but with the right mature people, this can be possible.


Jobs include: (as of 4/04/14)


Officer (Ranks 1-3)

Detective (Ranks 1-3)

Seargent (Ranks 1-3)

Deputy (Ranks 1-3)



Every game played as an LSPD officer, your rank will go up by 1 stripe, until the rank of Seargent is reached, then it will take 3.


Los Santos Transit:

The Bullet (Bus Driver)

The Arrow (Train Safety and security managment)










Special Agent


Regular Jobs:

Taxi driver

MMA Fighter

Business Owner

Car Dealer

Repo Man

(More to be added)


Underground jobs:

Gang Leader




White Collar criminal

(More to be added)


More Details will be added after we have feedback from the community


If you would like to join this group, please add me on xbox: My Old Kangaroo

Or leave a reply on this forum with:

Your name-


RolePlay experience-

Any other details or inqueries you may want to add-


Thank You :lol: :r*:






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I'm looking for Firefighters in.my clan you may join if you want



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