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Installation of Play Disc on USB drive => Installation aborts


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Hey guys! :)


I've got the older 60 GB XBOX 360 model (five years old) which is VERY loud while playing a game that is not installed on the HDD.

Therefore I wasn't really able to enjoy my first play-through of GTA V's story, the Xbox noise is way too loud and I can't hear everything in the game perfectly.


So I bought an USB drive (USB 3.0, 16 GB, 70MB/s) for installing the play disc and getting a better, more enjoyable gaming experience for a second play-through.

I formatted the USB drive with my 360 console. It worked correctly.


But: When I'm trying to install the GTA V play disc on the USB flash drive, the installation abords at 48 % everytime. Xbox brings an error that tells me my disc has scratches / is dirty.

I wasn't really able to see any scratches, anyhow I polished the disc with glass cleaner. Still the same error while installing.


Then I lent a friend’s GTA V play disc and tried to install the game. Still the same, installation aborts at 48 % and the Xbox brings the scratch-error.




Didn’t try installing another game yet. Maybe there’s a (hardware-) problem with my console?



Hope you can help me. :)


PS: I sincerely apologize for my English. I’m from Germany. ;)

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