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[PS3]Finding new faces :) + boast about your stats :-)


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Hey pretty new here & can't wait to get stuck in! I'm a very very active player ( no life ) I play alot of rooftop rumble which anyone is more then welcome to join me at any time :)


So anyway my ingame name is "t3hbudraider" I am pretty much looking for an active crew who are familure with the game & can handle them selves lol, I love team deathmatches and even more so working with a team with stratagies and pretty much just owning all round :)


My stats are:

Total players killed 14,137

Total deaths by players 5,190

Making my K/D 2.72, going up slowely :)


I have LSPD Tint ( 600 player kills ) in most guns including mini gun + rpg

Also 48d 20h Play time ;p


Accepting all challanges hehe :p


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