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English Pride's Top Photos Of The Week (30th March)


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Each week I will show my personal top pictures that my crew members have taken this week!

We are the worlds biggest English players Crew on GTA Online. Feel free to join in.


No.1 - An amzing car picture by REALRAIDEN gets my nob for my fave photo this week. Never fails to amaze me how beautiful this game is.


photo courtesy of REALRAIDEN

No.2 - Nigsy08 comes in second this week with this pic of a few of the PS3 team on the footy pitch, no doubt just after a hooligan deathmatch!


photo courtesy of Nigsy08

No.3 - mrcharliejones again makes the top 3 with this awesome picture somewhat advertising the crew! I appreciate the time and effort!


photo courtesy of mrcharliejones

The Best of The Rest


photo courtesy of Oliver1936


photo courtesy of em-are-tee


photo courtesy of mrcharliejones


photo courtesy of RetroDave94


photo courtesy of cjyates78

So thats my showcase into my crews photos, we are open to new members and have a great crew..blah blah

you know the pitch. Get yourselves involved and join in on the action and perhaps I can use one of your photos next.

Click the link in the pic below and you are there!


English Pride is the premier crew for all English players on GTA5.

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