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What happened? I see that the purchase all ammo option has somehow changed. I dumped several guns that I don't use anymore- (micro smg, pistol, combat pistol, assault smg) but when its time to purchase all ammo at the start of a mission, those guns are all offered as a part of my purchase all option- so instead of $500- $2000 for ammo spent on previous mission- if you're not careful, you will be hit for $20K+- and you end up buying back all the guns you discarded.


Knowing that nothing happens in this virtual world by accident, I have to ask, WTF? Rockstar? Smh

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Biggie Kaniff

Didn't happen to me, I still had only 2 shotguns.


I did however have an ak47 with all mods today. Have no clue why...

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