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[xbox] The Great Train Robbery


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Plot: You are a member of 'The Off-Road Crew' and you and your cronies have just robbed a money train. You have to make a quick getaway, so for the cops to lose your trail you make heed along a complex route that takes in two stunt jumps including one over the river. When you reach Chumash Plaza you have escaped and will pick up your cut of the robbery. Depending how quick you are your cut will be higher.


Link to the job: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/Khaizarana/games/gtav/jobs/job/D7z4hFO-dUityVTmUSkbjQ?platformId=1


GTA elements have also been added at strategic positions. Rockets or boosts will be your dilemma when the time comes.


Terrain used: Railway tracks, country roads, dirt track, asphalt (route 68), freeway.


Feedback welcome.


One possible scenario I am contemplating is changing the final third of the race although it seems to fit in with the theme of the job.

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