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Formal Apology for my last topic :(


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Dear all readers,


I would like to apologize for my behaviour in my last topic, I offended some of you and I deeply regret it, sometimes people can become too defensive as I did last night, I did not mean anything that may have upset you in some way


I was accused of being a 12 year old, I can clarify that I am not 12 I was born in 1990, and that's enough info, but I am not a whiny kid who causes trouble on these forums, I am deeply interested in what you guys think, or if you agree with my ideas, I take the negative comments into account to help improve my next topic.


I will keep my topic number down, I know some of my topics are "useless" or "WTF" so I will lower my topic posts to like 1 or 2 a week.


Above it seems like I have no life and I'm on here 24/7, false, I'm just always logged in, LOL, it sure bets having to wait for loading, on average I am on about 45 minutes a day, just to check for updates on GTA and Easter Eggs (I love those)


Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope you forgive me, especially those I offended, I will not do it again.

I leave you tonight with a poem:


One is done

Two was fun

Three tried to run

Four called Mom

Fives not alive

Six is nix

Sevens in Heaven

Eight won't wait

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Dont worry my child bathe under the light you will come to understand the gta forums silliness soon enough

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If you've offended someone and you want to apologize, then you can do so through PM. If you have broken any rules, and you don't it again, then it's just fine. No need for this thread. :^:

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