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Banned crew member glitch


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About a month ago I banned a crew member. All of a sudden he's the number #1 player on our ps3 crew leaderboards???! With glitched online days and crew points. He's still banned and on his profile he has no crew? Anyone ever encounter this problem?

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Crew leaderboards are totally fcked up..




I dont know if it has anything to do with this but my stats got fcked up about the same time I created my second character they jumped up and then I made yet another character for slot 2 and it went up to this. It could be a coincidence or not. Also this has happened to other players in my crew also.

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The Angel King

Before I left my last crew, all the people that got kicked or left still had all their stats in the leaderboard. Ironically after I left, I can no longer see my ex-crews leaderboard. It never loads or is blank.

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