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GTAForums does NOT endorse or allow any kind of GTA Online modding, mod menus, tools or account selling/hacking. Do NOT post them here or advertise them, as per the forum rules.

Win millions fighting against other crews! [[Gang Wars ps3]]

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GTA Gang Wars is a new and innovative way for Crime Families of all shapes and sizes to organize for multiple purposes. Whether you wish to conduct alliance negotiations, business transactions or dispute territory. The GTA Gang Wars Forum will cater for your requirements, we are not a supplement for the Rockstar Social Club but we are geared towards providing expert assistance to allow you, the families, to achieve your aspirations.

Every Gang/Family will have a compound/HQ; this is an area of your territory you select. To fight for your compound/hq you must create a playlist containing 1TDM and 1 capture map Assault mode) with NO WEAPON PICK UPs. However you are able to place objects at your leisure.TDM's are 8vs8 ,if for whatever reason you cannot bring 8 members to the match the match will start anyways,aim type must be agreed beforehand by the contenders,matches must be played always in a head to head playlist mode(1 tdm + 1 capture match) with a mandatory bet of 50.000$/member,Team 1 must be always the defendant,team 2 the challenger. there are a few ground rules more(read below).






As always, Territorial disputes will use Team Deathmatches (TDMs) to decide who is the winner. When challenging another Gang to a TDM, first, a date and time must be agreed upon. It is important to note that: should a Family be deliberately avoiding a confrontation then the credibility of that Family will fall and the worst case will be that you are ignored.

Ianother crew challenges you,you must respond within 7 days term,in the other hand if you have already fought and lost your district your crew must wait 7 days to rechallenge the crew that took over your territory.

All territorial gains and losses should be immediately reported to the Admin so the correct changes to the website map can occur.





Every district has number for proper identification,as you can see fort zancudo, the airport and the clink aint coloured , thats becouse we consider them goverment facilities ,(you can't create a job in these territories with the editor,so we wont use them as a crew territory),inside every district that its ocuppied by a crew we will place and "H" right above the building or facility that is considered by the gang as a headquarters, the TDM must be created in the same place as the H is placed in the map.

But there are a few ground rules to even the playing field such as:

1. Tanks are forbidden
2. Aircraft are forbidden
3. The Automatic Shotgun and Minigun are forbidden (unless both teams agree in their use).
4. Team 1 (defendant) must spawn in the HQ.
5. Team 2 (challenger)must spawn outside the defendant district limits.

6. Respawn spots must be randomized at max. distance 100 mt.

7. Time limit must be set at 40 mins.

8. Deathcount limit must not exceed 40 deaths.

9. No weapons/armor/health spawns allowed.






Any gang caught breaking the rules intentionally shall automatically lose and forfeit, if you believe a team is doing so you should talk to the moderators or report the gang in the forum.

A war between families cannot just be limited to TDMs, we understand that. The point of TDMs is to sort out territory between groups - where you have your TDM is up to you!
If you lose a TDM you are free to carry on fighting, after all one battle doesn't always win a war.
Every gang starts the game with 10 points, every challenge won will add a point to your scoreboard, every loss will result with a point less,for the gang that has lost all the points and the district the game is over,no more free rides..



In order to make the game more interesting and profitable TDM's and capture matches are played in head to head mode with a mandatory bet of 50.000$,special weekend events and GW staff job creations will have special bet requirements.



Edited by Rik96
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Looking forward to start this! :lol:


Im representing the Aztecas from East L.S,click my signature to join us.

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Sign up before the good spots are taken,we are still discussing the map style but within this week it should be all sorted out, if your crew is looking for new adventures this is the right place to go,hope to see more crews involved,and let me say welcome to The Damned Brotherhood and the Dark Souls Nation,cya in the field!.

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