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DYOM: GTA San Revolution - Help me fix this bug!


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Please somebody help me! I have problem with my Mod "GTA San Revolution". I'm still working the intro. Because I'm planning that mod is a DSL (DYOM StoryLine) not a single mission. My problem is, if CJ drive the car to checkpoint (just before the LS Fire Department) the game will crash! Please somebody help me! If you want to help me on this 'project', please post your comment (or anything else) below. Thanks! Also, if you don't know about my Mod, you can take a look here:



Also, I will upload my Project File later. At least, I'm finding good modder to help me. Don't worry, I will give your nickname in the credit to the one who help me ;)

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Hi there. you should post this Bug in DYOM : support forum. not here, i am also a DYOMer.

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