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San Andreas Alternative News Report: LSPD Cops Shot Down


LSPD Cop Slaughter, false flag or something else?  

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  1. 1. What do you think is happening?

    • False flag/cover-up
    • Terrorist attack
    • Gang related
    • Other

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"LAPD Cops Shot Down"


In what appears to be a terrorist attack on the outskirts of Los Santos, six police officers have been gunned down. The attack took place at around 8:30 on a Monday morning.




Additional police rushed to the scene alongside several Ambulances but the six officers were all pronounced dead at the scene. A statement issued by the chief of police reads that "each of the fallen officers recieved bullet wounds to the head and chest with... worrying precision".


The secretary of defense for Los Santos, Jed Vilucci, stated at a press conference today that the crime scene analysis has confirmed the shooters to be professional marksmen. He had this to say;


"It is important to understand the seriousness of this situation. These terrorists are dangerous, they are unhinged, and they will act. It is absolutely necessary for us to issue the immediate lockdown of Los Santos. Police officers will be on every street corner making sure that these terrorists cannot enter our city."




Our journalist Allen James reports that an LSPD patrol car was heading to a domestic disturbance call when four cars swerved into the road, rammed the two officers in their car and shot them in the chest and head. Eye witnesses have not been confirmed.


A remaining four officers were called out to investigate and were also gunned down. The chief of police's first response to Weazel News was;


"This is why we need armoured trucks and taser drones. Six of my fine men lost their lives today and I intend to use this false flag to bring in martial law!"


Police are urging citizens to be on the look out for strange activites and suspicious individuals. On the LSPD county website the police have asked people to report the following:


-People who are ex-military

-Anyone with access to a firearm of any kind

-Conspiracy theorists



-Teenage boys who play violent video games




Further reports suggest that the chief of police's usage of the term "false flag" may suggest that he knows something the rest of us don't. Is this a government cover-up? A genuine terrorist attack? Let us know what you think in our exciting new E-Twat poll exclusive to our website www.alternativewacko.com.


Stay in the know and look out for further news and inside information.



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All the makings of a false-flag. It is another laying of a brick in what is coming to be a police state. If you are resisting, you are winning.

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I'm thinking false flag too. How many times have we seen this kind of gun/terrorist related tragedy thrown in our faces by the media? How many times has it resulted in our liberties being swiftly withdrawn? It must be in the dozens by now.

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Soon they'll shutdown all of the Amunations and well have to go back to buying guns from the underground illegal arms dealers! This is an outrage! They're tryna take our guns!

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I bet anything that it was a carful of crazy teens whose parents never cared and let them play those violent shoot-em-up video games like Grand Theft Auto. Its such a shame, this is what our world is coming to. What a waste of human minds...

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